Monday, January 7, 2019

Realities of the United States Military

     The reality of the modern US Army is not pretty. From

     "Actually, in a way, General Milley did do something about that: he made it official.  Not long ago, he ordered the U.S. Army to return to its World War II-era uniforms, the so-called “pinks and greens”.  As costumes, the old/new uniforms will be a great improvement.  The fact that they are costumes recognizes the reality that a Second Generation army is useless for a real war and exists only to stage public entertainments.  All our Second Generation services are like armored knights on horseback in the 16th century.  Their heavy plate armor has reached its highest stage of perfection, but real battlefields are filling up with low-born musketeers and the knights “fight” only in tournaments, where damsels swoon, someone is occasionally unhorsed and nothing is decided."

     The former US is up for grabs and Americans citizens could care less. Most are too high on pills and porn to even realize this truth. Her people are feminized and weak and so her military is feminized and weak. How much longer can she go on? Not much longer. Better start preparing. God, family, that order.