Friday, November 27, 2020

Infantry Lessons


Photo from Infantry Magazine

Great link of links from the official Infantry Magazine at Fort Benning. This is almost 40 years of information from mostly low-level NCO’s and Officers. You know, the guys that fight the wars. These articles are written by the men who lead and fought on the front lines through Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Iraq and many others. They are hard learned lessons from where the bullets hit the meat, where theory doesn’t exist anymore. (Beware, there are some articles by PC shitbags in some.) Overall, great stuff though. Good training lessons and ideas as well. I know a lot of you former grunts will love these articles. They certainly raised this grunts spirits with good memories of military and old friends. Enjoy!

Hi, Everybody!


     Recently, I had a bunch of views on my blog even though I haven’t written on it for almost two years. It inspired me to write again. So, I went about creating a new blog for potentially new ideas. But the oddest thing happened. After toiling all day developing the new blog, when I finished and held them side by side, well, they were almost identical. So…fuck it. I might as well continue this one and see if there is anyone out there reading this. The thing is that as much as I like this blog, I hate the web address. As most things do, the blog evolved as people read it more and I could gauge their interests and tailor the content to a specific group.

     Moving forward, I would really like to have more discussions on military tactics. That is what I miss the most from my days as a soldier and contractor. Additionally, I wish to organize this a bit more. So, I plan on having a theme for each day of the week to share my thoughts and experiences about. I have always been partial to the Ranger Big 5. The Big 5 is the top five skills that every infantryman should be an expert on in Ranger Regiment which is the premier light infantry unit in the military (and maybe the last true light infantry unit in the military).

     The big five are: marksmanship (killing the enemy), medical (heal wounds, yours and your buddies), mobility (how quickly you can be ready to travel and fight; think minutemen) Physical training (fatasses who drive Volvos do not become urban, forest, or desert guerillas) and finally, small unit tactics (self-explanatory).  I guess we will see how that goes. Finally, I plan on commenting on the ongoing war against America much more often. If anyone out there is interested in these things, feel free to comment.