Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Hard Times


I had more than a few people ask me this week what rifle they should get. As this country falls apart, people are coming to retired and former military and trying to gain information about what they should do. Some one asked me what sling they should get. I asked when was the last time they went to a range to zero and they looked at me like I have a dick growing out of my head. Any rifle, any sling, learn the fundamentals, go zero and shoot. If you are zeroed, go zero again and shoot again. Just for practice. You know how many Iraqis and Afghans had slings I saw? Maybe ten percent. Yet they had the will to fight back. And that is the thing, in the end, it doesn’t matter. A few words of wisdom, “beware the man who has one weapon, for he knows how to use it.” Sling or not, the will is everything. It is the Riddle of Steel.

To be honest, I have been racking my mind the last few days trying to figure out what I can do beside write this blog. I am starting a group in my AO for men who love the wilderness. I am going to start a group for boys only as well. One like the Boy Scouts without all the pedo’s and gays. One which teaches building and defending. I think I will call them Pathfinders, maybe Rangers. Of course, there is never any money to fund this stuff on our side. It does not matter. I will figure it out. I am going to try to get rid of the weak and effeminate, so I guess I will be the only one who goes. Seriously though, I have been building this for the last year and I have not found one infantry vet to help me out. Where the fuck is everyone!!?? High on a starter pack of suicide pills from the VA? Seriously, I cannot find anyone. I really have no idea. It is tough right now. We might have to watch them burn down this entire country before people are motivated enough to stop it. I hope not.

But hope is a funny thing. I hope for a better future for my children. Because of this, I will never quit. I fought to hard for too damn long to give up because a bunch of weak men and women in congress want to give away what generations of hard men won. That being said, I do have a plan for this blog. I am going to take another page from Ranger Regiment and focus on their Big Five every day. Hopefully, it helps organize me more as I move forward.

The Ranger Big Five are five pillars which hold up the individual Ranger. They have to do with essential training Rangers conduct, Marksmanship, Medical Training, Mobility, Small Unit Tactics, and Physical training.  These pillars are vital supports which the Ranger must master in order to become the best at what he does. The regular infantryman in the 3rd Infantry Division or 25th Infantry Division is trained at the basic level of these tasks. The Ranger has mastered them through their own initiative and motivation. He has mastered them because leadership has identified them as key tasks. Mastering these tasks has made the Ranger the best of his counterparts. Every day, Ranger leaders ask themselves if the training they are planning is relevant to the big five. If it is not, then they must reconsider their training. With the short amount of time between deployments, the Rangers must use all their time efficiently. Therefore, they created the pillars. They are very relevant to you, the reader at the current time. I wrote in November,

          The big five are: marksmanship (killing the enemy), medical (heal wounds, yours and your                       buddies), mobility (how quickly you can be ready to travel and fight; think minutemen) Physical             training (fatasses who drive Volvos do not become urban, forest, or desert guerillas) and finally,             small unit tactics (Ambushes, Raids, Search and Destroy, Sniper ops, Reconnaissance...etc..).

There you go. That is my goal for the next year. To improve my community by addressing weaknesses in the men who wish to become better people. I have not added physical training because there will be a PT post daily of what I did that day. I am doing this to hold myself accountable to the group. In its place will be a post on carpentry, plumbing, or whatever I want to teach from the trades, you know, the people who build this country from the ground up. We shall see how that goes. Here is a tentative schedule for my blog:

Monday: Marksmanship:

Tuesday: Medical Training

Wednesday: Mobility

Thursday: Small Unit Tactics

Friday: Building/Carpentry/Trades

Saturday: Discipline

Please note that I am a carpenter and retired soldier who works a full day. If I miss a day, I apologize. I do not ask for money from this site. But I will give knowledge for free if it increases the minds of the people reading and if they want it.

Finally, many people ask why discipline is so important in these times of 4GW. Discipline is everything. It is discipline which wakes you up in the morning and drives you to become an expert in your craft. It is discipline which keeps you from quitting when you are cold, wet, hungry, and tired and must push on to the objective. I had an old football coach, who described discipline perfectly. Fittingly, he coached the Wolverinesfootball team for our city which was the last Pop Warner team before HighSchool. He was a short, black man who everyone looked up to, but he was heavy on discipline and repercussions if you couldn’t follow the rules. Coach would send us home if we forgot our playbooks before any practice. This was in eight grade; if you missed a practice you were done that week. He made us memorize the Wolverine definition of discipline which I still remember to this day:

                Knowing exactly what have to do and doing everything in your power to get it done.   

If you could not recite that when asked, then you left practice. It didn’t matter if you were the starting QB or RB at the time. Coach didn’t even want to see you. Getting back to the point, discipline is everything. It will keep you fighting next to your brothers when all hell has broken out and it will keep you focused. Discipline is important.

So, you know what to work on now. Don’t be weak. Always be working. War has changed. Everything has changed. Are you ready?


  1. I am having the same problem in my area. I want to pass on my knowledge but everybody is to busy with life. What they don't understand is if we let them continue on this path they will have no life.

  2. If you were in my AO, I could help. I was infantry, but I only deployed in the AF.


  3. just wanted to drop a note of THANKS