Monday, April 12, 2021

Truth For Those Who Can Hear

I am tired of this nonsense. So is this guy. The country is dead and the world knows it, thus the rush to invade. I do not like cops, but I understand their function and I do as I am told if stopped so we can all go home. These guys did not. One is dead and one is hopefully decommissioned. I do not care. There is no law anymore, just smug people looking to game the system for money or fame. And invaders. There is no society anymore. There is no culture. There is no truth. I hate what we have become. We have become nothing. I have no message of hope for you tonight. Good luck out there. The fire rises. Chaos reigns. Raptor 2, out.


  1. another voice of reason..


    1. tfAt,
      the censorship among freefor is mindboggling, they obviously can't handle truth either.

    2. miss ya Semper Fi

      miss WRSA too.

      i actually got all teary eyed yesterday thinking about the death of the America we all loved..

      i lay the blame squarely on wimminz and their enablers.. they shall get no mercy from tfA-t on Go Day.

      fuckit. drive on

  2. Mr Tatum will be rejected by his own community for pointing out the truth. Sad that he will not be able to lead them to better outcomes with his clarity and insight. A sensible voice in all the hysteria.

  3. Just getting ready for the revolution & what happens afterwards. Hope I don't trip over any dead bodies in the process.