Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Go Train, Get Hard


Well? What the fuck are you doing here? Pick your vagina off the ground! Go work out. Zero your rifle. Crack open a Ranger Handbook or Sniper Field Manual and study. Go for a road march. Sleep on your floor. Donate money to a warrior cause in your community...and not some worthless Wounded Warrior nonsense. Read up on the devastating effect that little groups of paratroopers had in WWII. Now picture the entire USA as one big drop zone with all our sticks scattered into the wind. Link up with you closest paratroopers and move out to get some brews and gain camaraderie! Anything to get harder than you currently are. It starts with your habits and your mind. Quit being weak and go do something...anything, in real life that will help your brothers. Now, beat feet, turd, cause I got nothing for you unless you are in my AO. As the great US Marine Daniel Daly once said, "Come on, you sons of bitches, do you want to live forever?" 



  1. Fuck yeah..One of the proudest moments in my .mil life was completing Airborne school, donning that maroon beret we all bought, liner ripped out, soaked in hot water, and fashioned to drape just right, spit shined Corcoran Jump Boots, and of course, the Blood Wings..

    Becoming part of a small, fierce brotherhood, bonds tight to this day...

    I'm using my IT and Commo skills to spin up emcomm kit for fellows, and pay the training forward that i received from other operators, and NCS et al...

    1. Fucking love it. I miss this shit. I shaved my first beret from my knee and formed it all night. It was still weak compared with the guys that had been there. The best had one eye draped, yet not their ear covered. I fucking miss those days. However, the times I miss most was in the field. Tired, hungry, and mission planning; if we got hot chow that night, my guys made sure I got a plate. Otherwise, I always somehow got my favorite MRE. You guys are out there and I want you by my side again...I wouldn't trust many others.

    2. 2/319th AFAR (13F), supporting 4/325th PIR (before it was disbanded)....went on to Group for a number of years, but definitely wouldn't give up my 82d experiences. Always said "best three years I never want to have again"! Anyone interested in forming an LGOP in the NW Houston region, I'm game.