Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Happy Birthday, United States Marine Corps!!

I have always loved Marines because they are all about work and results. Their branch was always the last to give up their heritage and culture. So today, I drink a beer to them and remember our infantry brothers across the aisle:

Let us also remember the masculine commercials from the '90's compared with the woman warrior nonsense of today:

Now, they are trying to push girl power Marines of course:

That is nonsense. These were the type of Marines I remember. These are the ones you want to defend your borders:

The battlefield is not a place for woman on either side. The battlefield is a place of honor for warrior men. To find a woman there just confuses us.

Finally, let us remember the best Marine Corps ad. This is the one which made me go to the Marine recruiter first in Sep 2000. It wasn't meant to be, as I signed a contract with the US Army not long after and began my quest to become a Ranger. Absolutely no regrets there. Marines did have the best commercials though.

Tonight I drink for the US Marine Corps! From their humble beginnings at Tun Tavern to their defense at the Kabul Airport. I am always faithful to my fellow warriors no matter the branch. Let valor not fail!

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  1. Semper Fi and Also, Happy Veterans Day to All Who Served.
    Let's Keep the Torch and Standard Burning!
    The Fight is Not over, it has only just Begun!