Thursday, November 11, 2021

Sniper Wonderland


  1. Music and pictures. Love it.

    Got something on angle shooting to get Roof Koreans doing street shots correctly?


    1. If you are shooting an AR/AK, from a one or two story roof then the angle is negligible even at the further distances. Aim a bit low if you want. At the schoolhouse, we had a saying for angle shooting: "when in doubt, shoot him in the dick."

      Extreme angles are different. Precision shooting with extreme elevation changes, such as an urban or mountain environments, require more than a basic level of information which is difficult to convey through a blogpost. There is a few good resources on YouTube though and I will look over a few of my trusted sites. I will start with the basics of long range shooting though before getting the more advanced curriculum.

  2. Thanks. That's exactly the two levels of instruction sought:
    - "good enuf for govt work" -- shoot 'em in the dick
    - more detailed for folks looking and and willing to do the work

    Thanks very much.

  3. A down and dirty approach is...
    Set your range finder on horizontal distance and go with that range. Compensates pretty close.